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Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “me.” Find a word that starts with “me” or use the word “me” as the theme of your post. Have fun!


Hurricane Ian left a mess here in Florida but I am so very thankful we were not hit full on. This short poem is dedicated to all of the people affected by Ian.

There’s a mess on the lawn and a mess on the car
the damage is seen very near and real far
For there is no big “broomer” to clean up this mess
I’m dreading the work I must really confess
But it has to be done and be done ’til its gone
‘Cause I really must see my green grassy lawn.

©2022 CBialczak Poetry

6 thoughts on “SOCS: Stream of Consciousness

  1. I’m thankful you are okay. The mess takes time to clean up. Today, my husband and I worked on replacing the old part of our fence that Ian blew over. We thought we’d get it done in one day, but he’s going to have to finish it tomorrow. The rest of the branches will get picked up eventually. Minor things here on the Carolina Coast compared to Florida.

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    1. Thank you for being so kind! We definitely got lucky compared to many. The funny part is that we have been saying for the past few months how we wanted to clean out the back part of the yard (We bought the house last November). This made us get it done but we are happy that something gave us that push. The biggest thing I am excited about is that we decided to leave on the hurricane shutters so I can finally paint the house. This way I don’t have to plastic off the windows! The neighbors probably think we are nuts.


      1. The ones we have came with the house and they are really just heavy pieces of plywood with holes for the bolts sticking out of the side of the house. When we have the money to do so we want to upgrade to hurricane-safe windows. For now, though, I will use them as my way of NOT getting paint on the windows!

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    1. oh, it breaks my heart to see so much devastation. I just hope and pray that the rebuilds are better than what got torn away. That is a problem that I know the US struggles with, rebuilding the same way so that the next time a storm comes through there is total devastation again. I think the dutch have the best ideas, in my opinion.

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