Fibbing Friday 16th September

Di is the host:

Someone threw me a curve ball last week, so I am going with Alter Egos today.
Prominent figures, but who would you match as their alter ego? It doesn’t have to be Super Heroes, you can use real people or fictional characters, the answers are up to you as they’re all fibs after all!
Be silly, cheeky, or outrageous, but keep it family friendly please, and have fun!

I am not one to know celebrity names and I don’t follow social media type stuff so I had to go mostly on impression…

1.  Boris Johnson – Animal

2.  Madonna – Fiona

3.  Victoria Beckham – Millie Bobby Brown

4.  Roger Federer – Gonzo

5.  James Bond – Feathers McGraw

image of Feathers McGraw

6.  Ebenezer Scrooge – Ozzy Ozbourne

Ozzy Osbourne

7.  H.G. Wells – John Wilkes Booth

8.  Agatha Christie – Angela Lansbury

9.  Liberace – Elvis

May be an image of 1 person

10. Winston Churchill – The (Original) Gerber baby

Image 1 - Ann Turner Cook signed photo!   Gerber Baby!

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