A Letter A Week – P

Deb is the host of this writing challenge. I’ve been MIA for a couple of weeks it seems but definitely check it out on her site. https://nopenotpam.com/2022/07/17/a-letter-a-week-p/comment-page-1/#comment-12883

So, onto P and this week’s prompts.

Place – playground
Emotion – passion
Adjective – perky
Verb – pacify
My animal – puffin

I’m not sure if I am supposed to but I always pick my own words…So here they are…

Place – Palace
Emotion – pissed
Adjective – pitiful
Verb – placate
My animal – Porcupine

The Poopy Porcupine

Little Mr. Porcupine was out on his first date
He wanted to get flowers but he thought that he’d be late
He drove up to the palace to find his pretty lass
But he looked somewhat pitiful, with poo all on his ass
The lady he had picked up tried to placate this young lad
But he was super pissed by then, the date was going bad.
He left her by the washroom while he cleaned up the bad mess
And when the date was over she said she’d liked him none the less.

©2022 CBialczak Pooetry (Poetry)

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