Prompt for #SoCS April 30, 2022

Linda G Hill is the host of Stream of Consciousness Saturday. (I think that is the first time I wrote Consciousness without misspelling it!) Anyhow, find it here:

Your prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “zip, zero, zilch.”

At first I am thinking I have zero motivation to put stuff away, now that the kitchen is near completion, but I am quite motivated. Then I’m thinking I have zero energy, also not true. The truth is, I would rather be here, blogging, and then crafting, I am now doing some pottery at home. I brought some clay home to do some hand-building. I am having a ball doing little figures. My last one, a frog holding a drop of water, came out really good!

4 thoughts on “Prompt for #SoCS April 30, 2022

    1. Funny that you say so. I have two, maybe three now that I think of it, frog tattoos. I make these frog things and love them. Well, last night, after the rain the pool was full of frogs. I am not joking or exaggerating. I counted at one point over 12 and that was because they were jumping in and out. I went out this morning and I have to vacuum the entire pool because it is full of frog eggs. We have a leak in the pool, which is supposed to be examined next week, so chemicals are not staying very well in the water, especially because we have to put in so much every day. It is costing a lot of money. Anyhow, I love fake frogs I guess because I cannot stomach the real ones! 🙃


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