Last on the Card – March 2023

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These are the last two pictures for March. There is a Flea Market store that is open only on the last weekend of the month. There was a line down the sidewalk to get in. When they finally opened the doors and people walked in, all of the staff stood in the front area of the store clapping and cheering. It was strange and nice at the same time. People ran around this place like someone was going to fight them for something they wanted. I thought the prices were a bit too high for used.

I love giraffes so that is what caught my eye about this store.

David and I have seen old bed frames used to hang things from, almost like a pot rack. We don’t have the right ceiling or type of house but I saw this and took a picture.

Cee’s-FFChallenge-Things we play with

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This was going to first be for “things we drive” but then it was “things we play with” so the pictures sort of fit both…

These are pictures of Lindsay and I on our Kayak adventure when she was visiting from CT. We were Ted Sperling Park at South Lido Beach

Last on the Card – December 2022

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I am including my last two on the card so the real “last on the card” makes some sense.

So the last image on the card was the search for shipping prices for the new miniature I finished for one of my customers on Etsy. This was through UPS. Etsy does its own shipping but I like to double check since they use USPS.