Twiglet #275 – The Owl and the Crows

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a world of words

Since our world is so full of words I decided for today I would use the word generator to give me a word to use for my writing.

Todays word: plumigerous – wearing or possessing feathers

The Owl and the Crows

Which of you looks best in black? the Owl asked the Crows
I think you’ll find which one you like, Crow’s face began to glow
Crow number one was black and blue with a little bit of green
Crow number two was also black with a greenish-pinkish sheen
Crow number three was darkest black, as black as night is dark
Crow number four shown just dark gray, he lived out in the park.

The Owl looked but frowned and drew a deep breath through his beak
He didn’t want to hurt the crows but then began to speak
“Crow over there, you are so fine, I love the greenish hue
Crow number two I like that pinkish tone shading on you
Crow up in the trees, as dark as night, could barely be seen
Crow number four just laughed at owl, he was feeling mean

I cannot tell whose plumigerous beauty is the best
So what I’ll do is take my time, I need a little rest
So Owl went and napped a bit, he woke up with a start
I know which one, I know it’s true, it comes right from my heart
Crow number one and number two are beautiful and dark
Crow number three and number four have really made their mark
But only one can be the best, the best as all can be
And so I tell you, all four crows, the most beautiful is me

©2022 CBialczak Poetry

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