From my desk: April 11, 2022

Picture this…..

I’m outside in the front of the house. I have my Dollar Tree broom, my Dollar Tree rake, and my Dollar General upright/stick dustpan. I am scooping dead leaves and other debris into the dustpan and emptying into a large black yard bag, as today is pickup day. I’m happy the front of the house is looking neater.

Across the street, where there is a sweet young couple with a toddler, a big truck pulls up carrying yard equipment. Three burly men get out. One grabs the edge trimmer, one a blower, and one looks like he will be getting on the rider mower. I know that the young man’s parents pay for their yard care. No biggie….I wouldn’t mind the service either.

Anyhow, it made me laugh. I was perfectly content with my $8 equipment. I don’t know how much they pay for weekly yard care. I was almost expecting one of the guys to come over and offer some help! Hahaha, no way!

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