From my desk: 03/22/2023

The podcast I was part of is live!

The name of the podcast is People in a Pod Unfiltered. I can listen to it on Spotify and I am getting directions on how to find it for those like me who have no idea where to look. Anyhow, it is 4 episodes titled Grief & Loss. I will update this post as I get more information.

Update! I just found out the link will be on Facebook tonight. Look for People in a Pod Unfiltered

From my desk:

Well this has been quite the day! My dad fell at his facility. Practically tore his scalp off, broke a neck vertebrae, and huge gash on forehead. Not good news at all. 🙏

From my desk: 03/09/2023

A couple of months ago I took a course on 3D printing from Coursera. It was a certificate program and it came as an online course through the University of Illinois. It was a paid class, of which I got financial aide, but the course was only about $80. Anyhow, I did learn a lot and I am glad I took it because if I do get a 3D printer now I have a clue.

Now I am enrolled in two writing courses! They are through AWAI (American Writers and Artists Institute).
The first course is Copywriting 101
The second course is Ghostwriting 101 (I may have given that my own “name”)
Both courses are paid courses and I have money set aside for education only. I am taking the plunge!

Other things:

  • We did NOT keep the puppy we found last week. I brought him to the Humane Society and I believe he has already been adopted after being fixed and vaccinated!
  • I’m going to start designing my own miniatures purely off of customer requests. I will be starting with a few small gardens and will post the pictures upon completion.
  • I just became a judge for Reedsy which has weekly writing contests. I have been entering the contests but have not won yet. Each entry costs $5 and the winner gets $250 so that gives me 50 chances to break even!
  • I also review books for Reedsy Discovery. I do this for free but often the author will send a tip (maybe $5) for doing the review. The best thing is I get tons of books for free. You can review as little or as many as you want, there is not commitment or obligation except maybe doing 1 review every six months or something like that. All genres!
  • If anyone wants anymore info on all of these things I have signed up for (😳🤪😅) just let me know.

From my desk: 02/27/2023

This morning while walking Brody I saw a few other dog walkers and an adorable little guy on no leash. One neighbor said she knows who owns him and that they don’t want him. He is so stinking cute and we might want to keep him if he needs a home but I have yet to contact the supposed owner as they haven’t been home at all today. This also makes me wonder who would be taking care of the little guy if they are gone for all those hours. Anyhow, I won’t judge. This has taken up my whole day though.

One neighbor called him Radar. We thought he looked like a Sammy but now he is simply Little Guy.

From my desk: 02/04/2023

I have been in bed for the last three days.

Wednesday night I gave myself my injection of Methotrexate, which I take for psoriatic arthritis. I injected it in a part of my leg that just hurt and felt odd but that is bound to happen I would think.

Thursday morning I woke up and when I blew my nose, and this might be TMI, I blew out a neon color, matching the color of the Methotrexate. I was concerned but thought maybe I was overreacting if I made a big deal of it. Well, the morning went okay and then right around noon I started feeling like crap. I had a horrible migraine, vertigo, my whole body hurt, I was nauseous. I took migraine pills and put an icepack on my head, which was the only thing that helped. David and I both agreed that I could be having a bad reaction to the medication but going to the ER would do nothing except force me to sleep in a noisy, sterile environment instead of my own bed.

Friday morning I woke up and every single joint in my body hurt as did most of my skin. I still had a bad headache and was still a little dizzy. If David even touched my skin it hurt! I slept most of the day and was able to make dinner that night but that was about it. Now I started coughing.

This morning I woke with a nasty, barking cough. I assumed it was some sort of infection based on the phlegm that came out of me (sorry, trying not to be too gross). So I have been sleeping all day again and cough/barking. My body is only slightly hurting and most of my joints seem to be back to their uncomfortable but usual condition.

Thanks for listening. I completed the “Pass the Baton” writing and this and now I am ready for a nap. Send healthy vibes!

From my desk: 01/31/2023

About two weeks ago David and I went to a home show in Sarasota. We walked around and of course got bombarded by sales people. We agreed to have an inhome consult with three companies.

The first was Solar. They never showed up, never called…

The second was windows and doors. Well, we had everything confirmed and when the sales person was more than 15 minutes late with no call we left a note on the door that we were not interested in working with them and gave the reason. If we are going to plan our day to include a sales call they can show respect and call if they will be late. Anyhow, we got calls after that for about 1/2 hour to an hour and text messages. One person said the guy didn’t show up on time and was unable to call because he dropped his phone in the toilet earlier that day. TMI and sounds stupid for a company to say that. Another text said they were sorry, the guy. was just running late, would we reconsider since he was still in the area. There were one or two others along with a few voice messages. I did not answer. I had given my reason on my note.

The third was also windows and doors. The meeting was supposed to be on a Thursday or something and that particular day I had not been feeling well. In addition, I had been to a number of different doctor’s appointments. We had not confirmed the meeting for that night but I did not answer the phone calls as I was in the doctor’s most of the day. Well, they called me 14 times that day between maybe noon and six oclock. The following day there were maybe 4 calls. Since then, every day except Sunday I have gotten a call from them at around 8:30 am. There is never a message with it. I don’t answer. I am starting to get annoyed. I do apologize telepathically that we did not confirm nor cancel but I think they should have gotten the hint. Now it is just harassment. I tried blocking the number but I am still getting calls. By that afternoon and after about 10 calls we had decided we didn’t want to work with them as they had no idea why we weren’t answering and I think that is too many calls. They could have sent a text.

I’m done with salespeople for a while. Sorry if you are “one of them”

From my desk: 01/30/2023

Hahaha, I’m not really at a desk…I am standing on my vibration machine! Yes, I mentioned in some post that I would try this and I moved stuff on a shelf that was the perfect level and here I am. My eyeballs are jiggling a little so I will have to get used to that but I can get used to this. At least I know I will NOT fall asleep blogging. Disclaimer: If I do fall asleep I may be away from my blog for a while as I will probably have sustained a few injuries. My house is not that big so I moved things to fit, I didn’t have a good “extra” space.

Peace and have a good day!

From my desk: 01/19/2023

I forgot to take pictures from the start but I have been making my meals from Hello Fresh and I feel like I am eating at a restaurant every night!

The coloring is slightly weird but this was Honey Miso Broccoli Donburi with broccoli and sweet potatoes. So good! I would have never made something like this with an egg on it!

This was from last night. Silky Sicilian Penne with shrimp. I used the already-cooked shrimp and threw it in toward the end and it tasted fine. I probably would have tasted even better if I had cooked the shrimp in the pan with the other ingredients.

Not sure how long I will continue this but the recipes are so good and they have been so easy! I am super excited about tonight…stay tuned

From my desk: 07/07/2023

This is a total sales pitch but anyhow…

I just signed up again for Hello Fresh. If you haven’t seen them before they send recipes and all ingredients for full meals you pick. Nothing is premade. They have vegan, keto, Atkins… So I have this thing that I can send anyone a free box with a couple of meals I think. That being said I don’t know what the recipient does. It says it does not make any commitment or sign up.

If anyone wants to try it send me an email so I have your email address.

I’m totally not going to ask anyone again or anything so… I figured if you want to try it it’s a win/win. I love the recipes.

Peace! ✌️