Fibbing Friday 4th February 2022

Hello and welcome to Fibbing Friday where you’re given the chance to lie through your teeth and get away with it. Di is hosting this week:

Haha, these are tricky words! I don’t know where to begin…

1. What is a flagon? A flying dragon
2. What is acnestis? Problem skin that you get as an adult when you shouldn’t be getting acne anymore!
3. What is a halfpace? The steps you take when you are walking next to someone quite taller than you. It takes two of your steps to each one of theirs.
4. What is clinomania? Being addicted to research and other clinical matters
5. What is petrichor? The middle of any petrified substance.
6. What is tittynope? The look you give your husband when out in public
7. What is xertz? The original name of a car rental company, before check boxes were invented
8. What is agastopia? It is a place to go when you are feeling bloated
9. What does evancalous mean? I can’t even make a good guess at this one!
10. What is Nudiustertian A person who lives in a community that believes in not wearing clothes.

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