Tale Weaver 28.10.21 – Mistake

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Once when I was younger
I made a big mistake
I told my dad and mother
the tattoo there was fake
my mother she believed me
my father he did not
and so now she just smiled
from dad, the look I got!
He chased me to my bedroom
as I hid underneath the bed
He reached and grunted loudly
he was so close to my head
I scooted out the back side
and jumped into a run
I know I’d be in trouble
if he went and got his gun!

©2021 CBialczak Poetry

Thank goodness this is not a true story! First of all, my mother wouldn’t have been so naive and she would have been the one to chase me and want to kill me! Lol!

2 thoughts on “Tale Weaver 28.10.21 – Mistake

  1. Yeah, getting a tattoo would have been unthinkable for me! If I’d gotten one (and that would have been a big if) it would have had to be placed where neither of my parents would have ever seen it!!

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