Sunday Poser #48

Sadje is asking this question: Are you excited about tomorrow or worried?

I am also more of an optimist so I choose to think about all of the things that are coming and all the positives. I do worry a lot but realize that my worries are sometimes just ideas I have put into my own head without any real reason. On a bad day I feel like I would like to hurry to the next day, just to have a better day. Overall, I voice my worries and concerns but know that tomorrow is a new day.

6 thoughts on “Sunday Poser #48

  1. I am in between. I am excited and anxious. Tomorrow is my first “real” day of college. While I am looking forward to it, I am anxious with how it’ll turn out, though I’m sure it’ll be fine.


  2. I look at each day as a blank page and I’m the artist/author – I can fill it with art and poetry or I can just leave it blank or write down all the negatives and disappointments. I’m in charge and it is my book. I prefer poetry to grocery lists..

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    1. I also believe you can choose to make your day the best it can be or not. That’s not saying you won’t have a bad day but its whether you are going to choose to be miserable. I have met people like that who always seem miserable about something.


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