FOWC with Fandango

buttress Don’t Worry Up against the cool stone wall  The buttress gives support As surely as your best job done Boss gives a good report.   If that wall falls in on you So that it crushed your soul Push it aside, find a new rock And let those bad feelings roll.  You can’t live life so worried That you aren’t doing the best. There are […]


Your Daily Word Prompt: peculiar

Peculiar   Things that are weird Things that are strange Things on the prairie  Things home on the range.  Things at a party Things at a game Things at a school house Some peculiar kids name.   One family loves it One that just won’t  One couples ideas One time you’re told “don’t”.  How do you manage? How do you stay? How do you deal with Weird things people say? 


Three Things Challenge

Written for today’s Three Things Challenge from Di at Pensitivity101. The three things are “shade,” “brother,” and “mobile.” There lived in the forest a family of five. They were a happy family and they loved living beneath the sycamore trees, using their shade to allow time for relaxation. They loved living in the forest with the animals […]