Elsa is coming…(From my desk: 7/5/21)

My first tropical storm being in Florida.
I have to fly home Friday to pack up my house.
I close next week.
So many feelings about the whole thing.

Since losing my husband in 2018 and my son in 2019 I have wanted to move. I hate being in my house with all those memories. I also don’t want to ever leave my house because I won’t be able to remember everything like I can when I walk around the yard or the house. I want to move to start my new life with David but I don’t want to leave the house that we have been fixing up so nicely. Isn’t that how it goes though? You get your house to how you really want it and then you sell it. I want to move because I hate the cold and I hate the winter. I also hate the thought of having no snow and not seeing leaves change colors.

Oh, I could go on and on and I am sure that if you have ever sold a home you know exactly what I am going through. Excitement, fear, sadness, happiness….all smashed up into one big lump that I can’t swallow!

Elsa will show me what she has in store for us by tomorrow. I pray people stay safe. After seeing the building collapse in Miami and seeing the ambulances coming and going all the time around here, I really pray no one else gets hurt.

If you are in Elsa’s path come back to share your experience. I’m sure it will be different for every single person in all the different locations she is affecting.


Tomorrow is my daughter’s 23rd birthday! OMG! She is like a real adult!!! Lol.

20 thoughts on “Elsa is coming…(From my desk: 7/5/21)

  1. Sounds like Elsa is going to have lots of rain, winds, and possible damage… My sister is out of the path but just barely… She is still waiting on window replacement from the hurricane from last September!

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    1. I heard about that in a lot of places! People were just putting their houses back together! It is so sad especially because it is so expensive and no one can really avoid it.


      1. Well, all the prayers worked! I woke in the night to rain and wind but when I woke in the morning the sun was coming out! I know we were the lucky ones as there were some worse storms around us.

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  2. sending you prayers and and blessings.. You’ve been through a lot and my heart goes out to you.
    I do relate:

    “Excitement, fear, sadness, happiness….all smashed up into one big lump that I can’t swallow!”

    Hang in there!💖

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  3. Happy Birth Day to your daughter! 😀 … don’ worry about that ‘all grown up’ thing, you’re allowed to see her as a little girl for the rest of both your lives! 😀

    Hope Elsa passed you by with just a chaste kiss upon the cheek. 🙂

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