Sunday Poser # 30

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I don’t know if they are always 100% correct but I think they are pretty close. That being said if someone is completely opposite of what they gave as a first impression doesn’t that leave one to wonder if their initial meeting was totally fabricated? And if it was, are they that good at pulling the wool over peoples’ eyes? I think first impressions are not to be totally trusted but then again how do you know?

5 thoughts on “Sunday Poser # 30

  1. I knew a woman who went on a first date that had been arranged by a mutual friend. She met the guy and took an instant dislike to him. He asked her out for a 2nd date and she repeatedly turned him down. Eventually she gave in. Turns out he was really wonderful and they got married… Seems she based her first impression on his cologne (which was the same as her ex-husband’s… She was so off the mark but it turned out in the end.

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  2. Looking at from the other angle, that’s an interesting question! Are they being too good to be true. I guess we do need more time to know before we can be sure. Thanks for sharing your thoughts Christine.

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