National Poetry Month Scavenger Hunt

Write a Magic 9 poem using a theme of slavery, freedom, or manumission.

I am not totally sure this makes sense but I’m giving it a try!


I never believed in my mind 

That one is better than you 

I don’t believe in the kind 

Of treatment so bad to a man 

I looked and tried to find 

Peace and freedom for all 

Like peeling back the rind 

Of an orange given to you 

Because love is colorblind 

©2021 CBialczak Poetry
NPM 21

11 thoughts on “National Poetry Month Scavenger Hunt

  1. Save the Earwig! … We protest whilst demanding that all life / all living creatures have the right to live / but we humans in ways still primitive / readily cause so much life so much strife / until our misdeeds cut like a knife / our deserving conscience since we give / naught towards the creatures’ cause, dismissive / are we of our apathy so rife. // But the creatures about which we don’t preach / the bugs that can’t bring us to them adore / their ugliness our hearts they can’t reach / their lives we don’t at all care to restore / instead we stomp on them, their ‘rights’ we breach / the creepy crawler lifeforms we’ll ignore.

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    1. My late step-mother used to do something absolutely appalling! She lived in Florida and if one of those cute little lizards got in the house she would squish it! That is worse than a bug! I couldn’t believe it when she told me. Gross!!!!!

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    1. So true though, right?! Imagine how different life would be if people couldn’t see? What would we judge people on then? The sound of their voice? People with deeper voices are worth more than those with high-pitched annoying voices? Lol.

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