My son is a true angel!

I got a call from my daughter last night, almost around midnight. She asked if I saw her text.
One of the staff at the restaurant both of my kids had worked at, that David and I frequent, has a son a bit younger than Joey was. His name is Jayden.

Jayden was on his dirtbike and got hit by a van the other day. He was life-starred to the hospital. When he got there the only things on him were his phone, his vape, and Joey’s necklace. I didn’t know he had it. A friend of Joey’s said Jayden never stopped wearing it. Joey must have been there because Jayden is broken but he is going to be okay. It is a true miracle. I hope Jayden makes a full recovery quickly.

My son was a good person, this was proof to his legacy.

12 thoughts on “My son is a true angel!

    1. Thank you so much and thank you for saying so. I know not everyone believes the same things but not having my son makes it something to hold on to that he helped someone from wherever he may now be.


  1. Reblogged this on Stine Writing and commented:

    I wanted to reblog this because I saw the young man last weekend, the one that had the accident. He came to participate in the burial of my son’s ashes. He is great and thanked me for this post when I had originally posted it.
    I am thankful my angel had been there that day!


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