Friday Fictioneers! 11/20/20


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PHOTO PROMPT © Sarah Potter

Too Scared

I haven’t taken a step outdoors in months. What if the virus is just floating in the air around my home? The plants are growing in my walkway, a walkway that hasn’t been used. The sun is shining, I should be outdoors. Is it safer in the sun or in the shade? Does sun kill the virus or does the lower temperatures? Is it here on the railing, where the postman placed his hand as he delivered my letters yesterday? Although I stand here, door open, sun shining, I cannot get myself to step onto the stoop. I’m too scared.   (100 words)

©2020 CBialczak Flash Fiction

48 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers! 11/20/20

  1. I wish everybody would leave Michael Stine alone he’s married leave him alone stop writing about him stop calling stop everything

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  2. I agree with Nobbinmaug. If everyone went into isolation for a couple of months this thing would die. However, that’s not practical for financial reasons. What we irritates me is the people who refuse to follow guidelines for safety. In fact, many of the flaunt the isolence and become super spreaders.

    Perhaps through “natural selection” those with that mentality will be removed from the herd.

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    1. You know, it amazes me that with all this time and with all the sickness and death people are still bitching about wearing masks. I don’t know if you are in the US or not, but the US is one of the hardest hit countries! This is crazy, and for what, a mask?


      1. I live in Arkansas and we are seeing new record numbers every day. Much of our population here was/is Trump supporters who still won’t accept the virus as a real and dangerous pandemic.

        I’m seen a few people change their tune after losing a family member or close friend, but someone they love shouldn’t have to die in order to make them take COVID 19 seriously.

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      2. I totally get it. I have conversations with Trump supporters who say things that just don’t make sense with what is really happening in our world. By the way, Arkansas…You might be the first person I have ever “talked to” from Arkansas. I will have to recheck the map to refamiliarize myself where that even is! Hahaha, geography was not my thing in school.


    1. Honestly, I believe that some of it is more psychological damage that people are inflicting upon themselves. Yes, I do believe there are people who are truly suffering, many alone, but there are also so many people who are just complaining because they can’t do the social stuff they want. I guess I have mixed feelings.

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