Merchandise: FOWC with Fandango

For Fandango’s daily prompt:

True story:

As some of my followers know, I completed this miniature last week and put it on my Etsy site (
Well, this merchandise already sold! A woman in Mississippi bought it. I hope she likes it!

14 thoughts on “Merchandise: FOWC with Fandango

    1. Thank you! I just love making them to see how they come out. David says every time that “This is your best one yet!” Lol, I say he says it every time. I am getting good at certain aspects to make things a little special. I add some nice touches.


      1. They’re really great. Maybe I will get one. I’m in the ‘get rid of stuff’ phase at the present time, because I hate clutter & dusting 🙂 Best one yet, how cute & inspiring!

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      1. We did a challenge using the premise of the show “Chopped”. We each got as box with the same items and had to make something from that. We could add things to the piece but could not fail to use what was in the box. What we got from that was a min-skating rink scene. A toy car speedway filling station. A winter cabin scene. A mouses house. A windchime and a mini portyrait of “The Old Man Of the Mountain.

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