WordPress Question of the Day

Describe the most ambitious DIY project you’ve ever taken on.

Last fall I had an offer from a publisher to publish a children’s picture book I wrote. The problem was that they wanted to have it illustrated for the submission. A friend of mine is an artist and has illustrated books before. We talked and decided that she would draw my illustration and I would build her three daughters each their own miniature.
The reason this was the most ambitious projects is because I was starting from scratch and wanted them all to be different yet match their interests and likes. I think they came out great but…
the publishers offered me a hybrid contract which means I would pay up front and then get money after it was published. Been there, done that…

Anyhow, these are the three miniatures I made

Last on the Card – October

Join in here: https://bushboy.blog/2022/11/01/last-on-the-card-october-2022/

Nothing spectacular!

I am building a custom miniature for an individual in Qatar. They have asked me to make a cafe like the one in Seoul, Korea called The Greem Cafe. Also, last on the card is a progress photo I sent to them showing what I had done so far.
Greem Cafe: https://restaurantguru.com/%EA%B7%B8%EB%A6%BC%EC%B9%B4%ED%8E%98Greem-Cafe-Seoul

My photo:
I didn’t actually end up using the floral patterned wall the floor stayed the same.

From my desk: 08/04/2022

As most of you know I pride myself on my creations. I love making miniatures and have been for quite a while now. I just sold a dollhouse. The customer sent me pictures and it was nearly destroyed in the mail. I had insurance and will file a claim, however, I leave a note in all my orders to please save the box and take tons of pictures if there are damages because that is what I need to make the claim. The thing that upsets me the most is that this customer accused me of sending an “old” dollhouse that was in poor condition. She said it had old, warped wood. To see my creation in so many broken parts breaks my heart but to then be told it looks like it is old! Well, I was polite in my response but now I do think she will leave a bad review. Funny part is, I don’t make much money on these, I do it mostly for the hobby part!

On a positive note I made this adorable trinket bowl: