Man on a Train: Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #88


Man on a Train

He sits upon the seat 
waiting for the day 
he gets to take a break,  
he gets to break away. 

He holds upon his lap 
his life in one big pack 
Tied with rope or twine 
the clothes upon his back. 

He ponders who he knows 
and who knows him as well 
For a stop is coming soon 
In some train he cannot dwell. 

Where will he go with his box? 
where will he go today? 
Are the answers in his pack? 
It is really hard to say. 

©2020 CBialczak Poetry


5 thoughts on “Man on a Train: Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #88

  1. I love this……….when I am around others I always sit and wonder where they are going, how are they doing, do they need anything, should I speak to them……thank you for sharing this thought provoking piece.

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  2. I had a similar thought when I chose this image. The old man, all of his worldly possessions carefully packed in a cardboard box taking a subway ride to the end of the line, wherever that might be. Nice job.

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