Hunter: FOWC with Fandango


The Hunter

Into the dark 

He lies waiting 

To see where his prey will lead 

Into the dark 

He walks steadily 

To follow his prey  

Into the dark 

He focuses intently 

To put his prey in sight 

Into the dark  

He sends the shell 

To kill the prey, he has been 

Waiting for, 

Walking towards, 

Focusing on, 

Coming in for the kill.  

©2020 CBialczak Poetry

4 thoughts on “Hunter: FOWC with Fandango

    1. My late husband always had guns but he didn’t like to hunt. My son had shown an interest and my husband said he had a rule, if you kill it, you eat it. One time I was not home my son and his friend shot some bird in the yard. They cooked it and ate it! Gross! Trophy hunting was always a no-no. I have a friend and her husband travels all over the US for different hunting seasons but they eat everything and I think they sell the rest. I’m not sure. I mean, what part of a bear can you eat? I guess maybe all of it like a cow? Another thing my husband had told my son was “one shot”. If you can’t get it in one shot, don’t shoot, because it only makes the animal suffer. I guess I agree with him.

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