Shadow Monsters: August Writing Challenge

Written for M at puttingmyfeetinthedirt:

My Monsters

When I’m home all alone  
And nobody’s around  
I jump at the thought  
The sight and the sound  
Of shadows that wander  
Alone in my house  
Watching me live  
Almost like my own spouse  
They hide in the corners  
And under the bed  
I try not to see them  
But they’re right in my head.  
I tell them to go home  
That my house is my own  
They even watch me  
When I’m on the phone.  
I have no idea  
Where these monsters come from  
All that I know  
Is that they think that I’m dumb.  
They snicker and laugh  
And tinker around  
They think they are quiet  
But I hear every sound  

I wish they would leave  
So that I’d get some sleep  
They’re ruining the days  
And the company I keep.  
No one believes  
That these monsters are here  
But I swear on my grave  
They stay very near. 
If they will not leave  
Then I may just give in  
I’m not sure if they’d hurt  
My delicate skin.  
For now I am here  
And I see them hiding  
but maybe that’s just me  
Imagining the whole thing.  

©2020 CBialczak Poetry

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