MTB: Stream of Consciousness Writing

Written for dVerse Poets Pub:

My life in limbo

Living in infinity is like my life
when I try to imagine where I am going
and where I have been,
underlying all of it
with a simple desire to settle down
and enjoy the freedoms
that I should find easily in my life,
only to be mustered by the happenings
in fate
which are beyond my control
or anyone else’s
leaving me to feel the uncertainty
of the limitlessness of life
and of being in this world
where there is no stop
and there is no start
and when you think you have a starting point,
you really only have another excuse
to wait one more day.
It’s living in limbo.

©2020 CBialczak Poetry

I wrote this in only a few minutes, writing the words that came to my mind without really thinking of what I was saying or where I was going with it. It felt sort of liberating to free my mind of these thoughts that sit and rust in my brain.

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