Weekly Scribblings #31: What Makes You Smile?

Written for: https://poetsandstorytellersunited.blogspot.com/2020/08/weekly-scribblings-31-what-makes-you.html

My Smiles

My daughter makes me happy and  
remembering my son makes me happy. 
Thinking about how much David loves  
me makes me happy. 
Thinking about friends who care 
about me makes me happy. 
Dragonflies make me happy. 
Rainbows make me happy. 
Making miniature things makes me  
happy. Brody being pigeon-toed and  
so sweet makes me happy. 
Art makes me happy. Writing makes me  
happy. Thinking about my accomplishments 
makes me happy. Being married to Bob  
for 20 years makes me happy. 
Remembering how talented my  
mother was makes me happy. 
Thinking about how fortunate I am 
in certain ways makes me happy.  
My guinea pigs make me happy. 
My garden makes me happy. 

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