Simply 6 Minutes – Papping!

Simply 6 Minutes contribution! Enjoy.


Simply 6 Minutes 5Aug20

Rosie loved coming to this restaurant for afternoon tea.

She made it her sacred appointment; every Tuesday.

She particularly loved watching the world through the greenery.

It created a softness, and perfectly framed the drama.

The people she’d seen.

Neighbours, celebrities, politicians; the gamut.

And the gossip she’d passed on from her surreptitious papping!

Her friend Nora, two doors down, caught out kissing another woman;

And Nora married to Ben these 15 years!

Her local MP shaking hands with a known drug criminal;

or was it actually passing over of something, not hand shaking, going on?

Some of her favourite TV soap actors visited this hotel; ate at this very restaurant.

Rosie had seen some dubious behaviour and fed some tittle-tat on to the papers.

Oh, the media couldn’t say who their ‘source’ was, but Rosie was delighted when she recognised herself in those stories.

Quite a few celebrities…

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