Bramble: Quadrille #108

Written for Dverse Poets Pub: Only 44 words!

Bunny Fear

Stuck in the brambles  

The bunny just waits 

Waiting for Red Hawks 

Flying high with their mates 

For no one can tell him 

How fast that hawk flies 

He scoops down and grabs one 

No time for goodbyes.  

Run before his claws sink deep. 

©2020 CBialczak Poetry

23 thoughts on “Bramble: Quadrille #108

      1. And it is so horrible. This thing. I dont know if this is going to be over or not. Are we going to live like this for generations,now.

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      2. I just wish all the haters could be put on their own little continent. Imagine how wonderful the world would be if there wasn’t hate. I don’t mean a utopia where everyone likes each other, just a place where there is hatred and purposeful hurt.

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  1. Oh my! I was writing a poem on a similar subject! Still tweaking it and it won’t be ready for publishing for a couple of weeks… I love the visual of the snatch so fast that no good-byes can be spoken!

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    1. The sad thing is bunnies have suck weak hearts as it is. My neighbor and best friend is a wildlife rehabilitator and everytime she gets a bunny for any reason, they almost always die. Their poor little hearts can’t take the stress.


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