The Sunshine Blogger Award

I was nominated!

I know what the rules are and I am typically a rule follower but I have a hard time with the Blog awards. To be honest, I feel like if I have to pick 10 new people, I am just doing it randomly to get it done.

I appreciate being nominated and I believe I was picked for my writing.

Thank you so much Jennifer at paperkutzs:

I will answer the questions though!

Questions for my Nominees

1. Do you have a nice blog or do you have different types of posts? I think my blog falls under nice blog. I don’t like to make it too complicated but I do change it every so often. I do a lot of different posts but they are all set up sort of the same way, so I don’t know if that counts.

2. If you have a niche blog what is your niche? My niche is crafting and miniatures. It is also poetry.

3. How long have you been blogging? I have been blogging since September of 2019

4. Is your blogging still a passion or has it become a chore? Blogging is only a chore when I can’t find a challenge to participate in. I love the challenges and reading what others write. I don’t typically like just going through the Reader and reading news clips and the such. I like the creative writing aspect of blogging.

5. When choosing to let another blogger know you are interested in their blog do you just kit like or do you leave a comment? I always try to leave a comment but sometimes I don’t really have much to say. When someone writes something that I do not relate to I hate to leave without liking it, just because it doesn’t fit my likes. I don’t “like” any pages though that I don’t actually go to.

6. How often do you post and respond to other blogs? I try to post and respond at least once a day. Sometimes, more often than not, I respond to comments that people leave a few times during the day. I like the discussions and conversations part of that.

7. What is your usual blogging routine? I start with reading my comments and responding appropriately to them. I immediately go to any blog that I don’t already follow, but that they have visited me. I then go through the Reader and see what people are blogging about. I skip a lot of the news, as I am not always interested. Finally, I search for the challenges I do most frequently and try to complete as many as possible.

8. If you live outside the United States, are you having the same riots that are occurring in the US? I live in the US

9. Where is your favorite place to work on your blog? Sitting in my chair in my family room. My chair is next to my guinea pig habitat so I can visit with them when they are feeling social. I am also facing the couch and the sliding glass door. The dog is almost always on the couch sleeping (which is true of this very moment!) and I can see the birds and the weather as I write, through the door.

10. If you still have younger children when do you find flogging time? I only have a twenty two year old and when she comes I sometimes still blog. I lost my 19 year old son last year.

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