Breaking the rules

This post is in response to Roberta Writes:

So thinking about my writing I do a few things without even thinking that I have to try to un-habit from.

  1. Starting sentences with “so” or “if”
  2. Using exclamation points to the point of nausea
  3. telling rather than showing
  4. developing boring titles.

I’m sure I could continue with my list but this is enough self-reflection for one day!

11 thoughts on “Breaking the rules

  1. I agree with the telling/ showing point, I hate pages of backstory delivered as a monologue. It’s like reading a textbook, make me WANT to know, hint, tease, tell me in conversation or reminiscence. You can do it! (I think that ! was necessary)


    1. Haha, yes that was appropriate use. I try writing children’s books and I find that there are things I feel like I have to point out, apparently. I don’t see it all the time. I do change my writing even if I don’t see it, I figure if one person does than so do many others.


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