Haibun Monday

Piet Mondrian. Broadway Boogie Woogie. 1942-43 | MoMA

Hosted by Kim at d’Verse Poets Pub: https://dversepoets.com/2020/05/25/haibun-monday-meet-piet/

Public school

Back in the seventies when plaid was the thing 
bright colors were typical, as were tans and browns 
The pants of children, both boys and girls 
Toys made by Playskool, Play-doh, and Fisher Price. 

Summer picnics, family and friends gather 
to celebrate the season of the summer and the holidays 
Birthday parties with moon-bounce houses 
Clowns come in plaid pants recovered from the seventies. 

Math classes, art classes, all grades 
Grids and maps, primary colors, color wheels 
Data entry, following patterns, coding 
Shapes, colors, directions, codes all in grade school until graduation. 

Enter public schools 
Children become teens then
Graduate high school.  

©2020 CBialczak Poetry

13 thoughts on “Haibun Monday

  1. Your response is spot on, refreshing in its uniqueness, and parallel to most of the others in that you, too, saw the geometrics and coding as well; nice work.

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  2. Now that is different! You’ve painted a bright, happy childhood, and I like the way your piece shifts to high school, and the repetition of ‘colour’, in a similar way to Mondrian’s painting.

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    1. Thank you. After reading many of the others I see how different mine was. I guess part of it was that I didn’t really know about that painting so I just went off my impression. Others wrote closer to what he may have been trying to convey. I think anything is fine. It is great to read all the different takes on just one picture.

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      1. You didn’t need to know anything about the painting for a truly ekphrastic piece of writing, Christine, and I’m glad you didn’t. Images speak to people in different ways and some don’t speak at all! I’ve enjoyed all the different interpretations too,.

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