Sunday Muse # 109

Written for:

Loving the bear

She held him so tight that he knew 
she would love him right ‘til the end 
for it would have made her quite blue 
if he didn’t want her as a friend.  

So he grinned and he moaned but inside 
there was a part of him that was feeling sad 
for he knew she’d go and she’d hide 
Because she’d start to get thinking he’s bad.  

©2020 CBialczak Poetry

21 thoughts on “Sunday Muse # 109

    1. When I was in kindergarten my friend’s dad worked at Shop RIte. I remember she had the three bears they were selling at the time. One was huge just like this bear and I remember the time she brought it on the bus to bring to school for show and tell! Hahaha, the things we remember….


  1. Aw. Some things must end. Sad truth to “growth” or continuing choices. However if you lie in wait til I eff up another romance to lovingly say I told you so…you know, like a wolf spider… I will only having smiling dreams of karmic flyswatters. 😁. Nice poem


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