Shakespeare and Basho

Two great poets living in two distant worlds in two distinct time periods, expressing life in messages, as the Japanese spirit of Haiku replaces random words of no significance, so does the English colloquy of love and mankind, pepper the world with words that reflect life and love. The latter having no idea of Basho’s interpretation of life, finds his own essence in the written language.  

two poets may rise 
to speak the truths of the heart 
and role of the mind. 

20 thoughts on “Shakespeare and Basho

  1. Only Basho could have been influenced, since Shakespeare died before Basho was born. But grand masters they both were. It’s kind of like the comparisons between Jesus and Buddha.

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    1. I like that I learn a lot through blogging. It isn’t just about writing for me. I love seeing the world. Facebook is ridiculous and so fake. I know not every blogger is telling the whole truth but there isn’t any drama.


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