From my desk: April 27, 2020

I think today is the 27th…

Anyhow, life is moving along slowly, as I assume it is for just about everyone else who is not working. I think the people who are still working have a little bit of normalcy, maybe I’m wrong.

I have been building my miniatures. I just finished a Japanese Tea Shop. I also completed a Kimono shop and a little Japanese market. I want to do a whole bunch of the Japanese shops and have my own little mini marketplace. I am doing a different one right now, a two story home of sorts.

I have to send in more paperwork from my son’s motorcycle, regarding his ownership and all that. It is so painful to think about what happened. Part of me wishes I could just completely forget. I don’t mean forget about him. Just forget.

My dad called yesterday to thank me for a mug I sent him. It had a picture from a few years back when Bob, me and the kids met him and his partner, Laurette, at the Dali Museum in St. Petersburg FL. The picture is of me and my dad standing next to one of those posterboard figures of Salvadore Dali. My dad, who has dementia, said he couldn’t remember who those people were that I was standing with. I told him it was him and Dali. I then had to tell him that Dali was the one with the mustache. My dad has never grown a mustache in his life. Anyhow, I was happy that he was so happy to have received the mug. Then he asked me how my kids were. I had to remind him that Joey has passed away. It broke both of our hearts again, having to relive that moment of finding out.

On a brighter side, I got my new little guinea pig, to be a little brother to Beary. I made a big playpen area for them to play. Right now they only play for about 15 minutes before they start chattering and getting annoyed with each other. That should go away with time. They are both so cute.

I have been thinking about all of the kids at home doing schoolwork and I thought I would put it out there that if anyone needs help let me know, I am a certified teacher and feel like I should be helping someone.

Have a peaceful night! Stay well and healthy.

9 thoughts on “From my desk: April 27, 2020

    1. Thank you Sheri. There are some days that are so much harder than others. Recently, there have been things that have come up with insurance and all that so it makes it a lot worse. Love you!


  1. I’m so sorry about your son’s death. My dad had Alzheimer’s and the only people he recognized at the end were my mom, me, and my daughter. Our little family. I wish you all the best.


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