Season 2 – Game 2 Under New Management Directory Just 5 questions …..

If l said you had a beautiful body – would you ….Hold it Against Me?Just stare at me in horror?Beat me around the head with your hook?Sing me a love song?
Definitely sing you a love song. No harm in getting a compliment, even though I’d think you were just saying it to be nice.
Do you believe in Bigfoot or just Big Feet?
I’d like to say both, since I like stories of things like that, but on TV they have that Progressive Insurance commercial with Big Foot and he says his name is Daryl, or something like that, so it kind of ruins the whole Big Foot story. On the other hand, I know there are people with big feet.
What starts with “e” and ends with “e” but only has one letter in it?
Would you rather look like an squid, act like an octopus or live in a  crusty acean  ?
Squid are ugly, octopus are disgusting with all the suction cups, and I kind of have a fear of drowning…Can I be a land creature instead?
What if everything stopped – Where would we be and what happens if we weren’t there to begin with in the first place?
If everything stopped we would definitely be in the first place we were because you can’t get to the second place if you don’t start at the first place.
I lied about there just being 5 ….. What’s the best thing you have ever …Done? This is sort of contradictory to the squid octopus question, but one of the most fun things I have ever done is scuba dive.
Broken? My middle finger on my right hand playing basketball in my young teen years.
Worn? I used to have these jeans that had big back pockets and although it was so long ago, I remember thinking I looked really good in them.
Drunk!? Well, that’s a toss up. I love a good Jack ‘n Coke, but a cold Margarita with salt on the rim is scrumptious. In the winter I love Bailey’s on the rocks. As a kid all I drank was Strawberry Milk, which is still utterly delicious.

Thank you Rory, for the fun questions!

One thought on “Season 2 – Game 2 Under New Management Directory Just 5 questions …..

  1. Hey Christine, very nicely answered – so you opted for the land creature l guess that would be the crusty acean = Crustacean 🙂 I watched that Daryl advert, very good – “My name is Daryl, ha ha excellent.

    Ah Eve, also a great answer , seen Eye and now Eve, l had envelope in my mind but yours is spot on 🙂

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