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Game #12– April 2021
Season 3
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Would you want to be a millionaire and if so why and if not why not? Yes. I could find plenty of good things to do with that kind of money. I would make sure my debt was gone and that I was comfortable. After that I would probably use the money to travel to areas that need help. I would be willing to do work to help needy areas…taking care of people, building things they need, helping in other ways.
Do you listen more to the voice in your head or your gut when making difficult decisions? Definitely my head…It is so damn loud I seem to have no choice.
Should we be afraid of our nightmares or see them as a sign of improvement? I am scared as hell! The good ones are fine, the others are just like dealing with stress but you are sleeping. I have told many people before that I had to get help from my therapist for my spider nightmares. Yeah, I am a true arachnophobe and don’t find spider pranks funny.
Are you a fan of cult movies and if so which ones and why? No, I don’t think I have ever seen one. I don’t really know what they are either so I don’t think I could say I was a fan.
What comedy film you could watch over and over? Either The Money Pit or Ace Ventura Pet Detective
How often can you listen to your favourite music for more than an hour in a day or a week without interruptions? I can listen forever…I just don’t know why people have to keep interrupting me! I don’t listen that often though because I sort of forget that is an enjoyable option in life.
What is in your opinion the best way to make an omelette? Eggs and Cheese
When was the last time you were completely naughty? Well, this is a PG site I believe so my answer will be family friendly…Last weekend I was a bit proud of myself!
What’s the secret to making someone laugh hard? It has to be about real life and something that is outright silly. Nothing embarrassing, nothing at anyone else’s expense. Usually it is when someone, me or someone else, just says something so odd yet fitting. Hard to explain. I just picture me and my daughter laughing with tears in the car about something I said…
How forgetful are you and why does the word look so silly when written? I am forgetful if put on the spot but I do remember quite a lot…especially those pieces of information that are completely useless and unrelated to anything. It looks silly when it is written because it looks like it should have another “t”.
What advice did your parents give you about LIFE that you too have passed on to your own children or friends? No one but you can make you happy.
How often do you surf for something on the internet but end up hours later looking at something else … why does it happen to you, what causes you to stray? That happens quite often. I start looking for something and like to dig a bit deeper. Every site has extra information that then peaks my interest in something else. Sometimes by the time I am exhausted and “done” with the computer I don’t even remember what I was on there for in the first place.

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How true to your real personality, your true personality, your youniquity personality are you?

Find the question here: https://aguycalledbloke.blog/2021/02/18/the-curious-case-of-you-being-youniquity-you-and-only-youniquity-you/

My personality is truly who I am. I think I have a problem downplaying my successes. Perhaps I don’t know where the cut off is between pride and arrogance. In my head I don’t care what other people think of me but when it comes to it I am always thinking, “I wonder what they think?”. I believe it all comes down to confidence. I need more confidence in myself and my decisions, not caring if people don’t agree, just being okay because my decisions are okay with me!

Question Fun – S4 – G3

Rory has questions very out of order today! https://aguycalledbloke.blog/2021/02/17/question-fun-s4-g3/

Question 7
Does ‘methodical order and sequencing’ really matter?

It totally depends on what you are doing. I am a bit OCD about things so if something is supposed to be in a certain order then put it in order. I have to step back if someone is not doing “the right thing”.

Question 3
Given the choice which  historiographical era could you live in comfortably if you had to go back ‘in time’ and why do you think you could?

I’m so not knowledgeable about historiographical eras but according to what I found on the web I would probably be happiest in the Modern Age. I love how so many things in art were expressed during this time. I think I would love being educated by one of those fabulous artists.

Question 9
What type of advertising really ticks you off as in – it doesn’t matter what the product is … because of the way it is actually advertised you become instantly annoyed and hostile with the medium? … this is NOT a political campaign question!

The one absolutely worst commercial that makes me so mad is for Liberty Mutual Insurance. It shows kids on Christmas morning and the first kid opens his gift which is the insurance. The second kid gets asked what he got and he says just a bike and kicks his bike. I think this sends such a bad message to kids. Do you know how many kids would kill to have a new bike? With the pandemic I am sure there were kids in this country that didn’t get a thing. It is such a bad message it makes me sick.

Question 83
What topics or passions could you write freely and knowledgeably on for say 3000 words if you had to?

I think I could write freely about what I think kids should be learning from a very young age. I have strong opinions about what children should be exposed to and think that a lot of the issues in young people is that they think they are the centers of tiny universes. There isn’t always a feeling like we are all part of a big world.

Question 2
What could you NOT do for money – given the obvious – so this is not about harming yourself or harming or murdering others – so aside from that side of things – what could you not just do for cash?

I could never be in a room full of spiders. I could never eat snails.

Question 1
When was the last time that you read something and it touched you in some deep dark way?

I’m not sure if I have an answer for this….

Question 101
How did you murder that person and how did you get rid of the body?

I slipped a little poison from the rat poison into the delicious dinner I made. After he died I drove out to docks and pushed his body off the dock. After that I threw extra chum into the water to attract as many fish as possible to eat the body.

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The Friday Four

Rory hosts The Friday Four: https://aguycalledbloke.blog/2020/12/04/the-friday-four-23/

Before computers, Smartphones and so on what were you using when writing your stories and creating your literature? Just notebook paper or journal books. Mostly loose-leaf paper because it stays neat even if you have to lose a page.
What type of games do you enjoying playing online? Mostly Match-3 type games. I also play Rummikub. I was trying to see if anyone wanted to be on my team on Gardenscapes. Writers Unite is my team name and I only have 3 other members. You need at least five to participate in some of the challenges.
What age were you when you first started reading and what were you reading at that age? I don’t really remember but I do remember loving Dick and Jane books. I also remember my mom giving me “The Secret Garden”.
How do you prevent boredom entering into your life and are you able to list 6 effective ways in which others could introduce to stop it from entering theirs? I’m never bored. I have so many pastimes that I can’t even do them all. I think this is the best way to avoid boredom. You don’t have to be an expert at any of them but enjoy doing different things. To do things that don’t cost much, you can draw or repurpose objects.

The Friday Four

TFF – Season 2 – Game 5

Question Fun Directory Look here for the original post: https://aguycalledbloke.blog/2020/11/06/the-friday-four-21/

The Friday Four
Once A Fortnight Question Game

Ah questions, questions, questions – what is it about you and questions Rory?

Simple, l just like asking questions.

Today some more brain tickling thought provokers …
Do you think society could survive without governmental authority or structure? Absolutely NOT! There are too many idiots in this world who think that there is only one way to do things, their way or no other. These people don’t care about anyone but themselves and getting whatever they can. Maybe they are narcissists or sociopaths but once they get the taste of control, they won’t ever give it back. On the other side of the coin are the other idiots who follow whoever because they can’t make up their own damn mind. In the middle is the rest of the world who only wants peace, equality and fair treatment with the ability to live a fulfilling life without fear of war or consecutive pandemics.
Do we really need all the technology we have? Absolutely NOT! We need technology to get some of our things done and for some communication. We do not need it to find out someone’s secrets or ugly history. We do not need it to steal things from people. We do not need it to replace human interaction. We definitely do need it to monitor the fear of consecutive pandemics.
Everyone has a passion that can absorb them for hours and that includes talking about it with others for hours if left unchecked – do you have such a passion and if so – what is it? Absolutely NOT! I cannot be consumed with hours of someone else talking so I would never consider putting anyone through that, unless of course, there were consecutive lockdowns for consecutive pandemics.
What have you found yourself thinking a lot of late and that seemingly will not leave your brain alone? I’ve been feeling a little negative about the state of the country here in the US and the worry that we may end up seeing consecutive pandemics.
©2020 CBialczak: Disclaimer – all of my answers are true for the most part!

Twelve Questions for October – Game #6 – October 2020

Rory, A Guy Called Bloke, has given these questions: https://aguycalledbloke.blog/2020/10/06/12-bloggerz-october-2020/

1. If another national lockdown was to occur, would you be better prepared for it today as in, have you been in a position to stockpile much-needed stocks? Or would you be no different to the last time?

I think I would be almost the same. When COVID started becoming what is now the Pandemic, I had been in my car driving to Florida to visit my dad. I stopped at three Dollar Generals on the way down to buy toilet paper. The first store I had no problem, the second TP was limited, the third and they were down to single rolls. I like my brand of toilet paper. Besides that…I’m okay with how I handled it.

2. What do you think makes for a really scary fiction story that would prevent you from turning off the lights before you went to sleep?

That the main character is getting ready for bed, maybe reading, and there is a clown or a creepy doll under the bed.

3. Which do you prefer to wear and why out of the following options?

Cotton, Denim, Cashmere, Chiffon, Lace, Leather, Linen, Wool, Organic Fabrics, Silk, Muslin, Polyester, Satin, Suede, Twill, Velvet, Moleskin, Mohair, Viscose.

Cotton is sort of a typical choice. Denim is a regular go-to for me, I like my jeans. Cashmere is dreamy soft but requires hand-washing and I’m out. Chiffon is actually one of my favorites because it goes nicely over a fitted shirt. Lace, well maybe my underwear. Leather is for pocketbooks and wallets. Linen is super thin and shrinks. Wool is too itchy. Organic fabrics are a little expensive and I don’t know how well they hold up over time. Silk is wonderful but slippery. Muslin, for clothes? Polyester is a definite option for being a long term clothing item. Satin is like silk. Suede is for shoes. Twill is for men’s coats. Velvet is okay for a fancy holiday dress. Moleskin, keep it on the mole. Mohair, let whatever a Mo is keep it’s hair. Viscose…is that something to do with veins?

4. When getting dressed and you are putting on a dress, trousers, shorts, or skirts, and so on, which foot do you lead with, left or right … and why that way?

My right foot goes first. The main reason besides being right handed is my prosthetic hip is on the left so I have to make sure I am in before putting that leg in. Not sure why but maybe a balance type of thing.

5. What is your blog’s primary genre and what are the secondary genres?

My blog is primarily Poetry and secondary Flash Fiction.

6. Has blogging and belonging to a community of fellow bloggers and writers alike, changed you as a person or inspired you in any way? Explain.

Being part of the WP community has totally changed me. It has given me the confidence to write what I think I want to write. I take chances. It makes me recognize the importance of showing other people that you are listening to them. Leaving comments is important.

7. Name 3 television programs that you watched and enjoyed as a child and then explain what made them good for you back then?

The Brady Bunch: It was so real life, except for the amount of kids. They had real life issues. Especially the one with the Tarantula in Hawaii!

Gilligan’s Island: I always wanted to show up on a deserted island. I loved the way they invented things, supposedly out of nothing but the natural resources. It was sort of the MacGyver feel.

The Muppet Show: I love, love, love Muppets. I wrote to Jim Henson back in middle school. I used to know all of the names of the muppets…even the weird ones you don’t see much. One of the things I did love was the music. Watching this was my introduction to Paul Simon and other great artists.

8. How do you celebrate you when you have time to pamper yourself?

It depends on where I am. If I am in Florida it is great to just sit on the beach with a book then go and get a pedicure. At home pampering myself isn’t really necessarily pampering…Playing with my dog and guinea pigs is sort of my idea of pampering.

9. Do you listen to any Podcasts or Vlog Diaries on a regular basis, and if so, what are they and why are they so good?

I don’t listen to Podcasts. I signed up for Audible and I don’t even like listening to books on “tape” or whatever it is called. I like to read, not listen.

10. Have you ever walked in on a couple having sex? If so, did you 1] Scream in horror make apologies and run out, 2] Make your way out but acting cool about it all, or 3] Laugh out loud and say “Alrighty then, game on!!” and join in?

I never did but my daughter stopped home one day to say hello when we were “hanging out”. I saw her and screamed, then tried to get sheets on me. Then I laughed.

11. What do you think lives in the 80% of the ocean that is unexplored and unmapped?

I think there are really weird looking fish. There are probably a lot of large squid in all the giant caves (I am assuming there are caves).

12. Do you read book reviews before purchasing a book new to you or do you simply buy a book based upon what you have read on the sale description or back page. If you do, how influenced are you by those reviews? (Question inspired by Sadje of Keep it Alive.)

I never read reviews until I started writing them! I usually go by the picture on the cover, yeah immature but I do…I also go by the blurb on the back or in the front jacket.

©2020 CBialczak

TFF – Season 2 – Game 3

** “Age is just a number…” – Okay – do you believe this and if so, what number is it and more importantly what number are you? I think that answer has changed over the past decade or two. Older people were the ones who were supposed to be wiser and you learned from age. Now with so much technology I don’t think age matters as much as staying on top of things. You can interact with just about anyone and you don’t ever have to reveal your identity. There have been times that I am blogging, reading blogs, etc. and I go to a blog that I am a regular at. All of a sudden they have posted a picture of themselves. Oh my! That is not what I pictured in my mind! Anyhow, I think anyone can learn just about anything nowadays, experience is almost self-taught.
Inked or not – do you have any tattoos that you regret having done as they are with you for the rest of your life unless removed and if you do not have any have you ever thought of getting inked and if so would you get permanent or temporary? When Bob, my late husband was turning 40 I thought it would be a great gift to surprise him with a trip to the tattoo shop for a new tattoo. I had never had one so I thought, wow this is a great surprise. Well….Long story short we both ended up getting tatts. He got one of a bulldog wearing boxing gloves. I was symbolic of his being in the carpenter’s union and something else, I can’t recall. When it came to me deciding I said that I wanted a clownfish because they reminded me of my mother. The artist asked if I wanted Nemo, as that was the rage….I said yes. Do I regret Nemo? Not necessarily but I would really love just some clownfish! Its on my lower back so I wouldn’t ever think of getting it removed. Most of my other tatts are just perfect. I have some I am not in love with but they are all okay.
Can you describe the word …. How? “How” is a way of questioning the workings of someone or something.
With Halloween at the end of the month – Horror movies seasons is starting again – do you love or hate them and why do you feel the way you do – what makes them great or terrible for you and or – why do they scare you? I have always loved a good scary movie. When I was in middle school my friend Allison and I would watch Friday the 13th movies every weekend! Over the years I have still enjoyed them but I think my problem now is that I think about how things can actually come true, or if someone had this wacky idea for a movie, then someone surely has this wacky idea for real life! I guess my idea of a good horror movie is something that is so f—-ed up it is crazy, like the Saw movies. I don’t like all the blood, that part grosses me out, but I love the twisted shit. That being said, it scares me because I know there are crazy people out there that do this crazy stuff for real. I don’t like the jump-out-at-you scary. I hate to be startled.
So, I suppose my answer is yes, I do like them and yes, they do scare me. They scare me because like I said, if someone thought it up for a movie then there is someone out there that has thought it up for real life…just sayin’.

GAME #3 – JULY 2020

Q & A from a guy called bloke

WELCOME TO 12 BLOGGERZ … THE MONTHLY TOPICAL QUESTION FEATURE ….https://aguycalledbloke.blog/2020/07/03/12-bloggerz-july-2020/

Do you think the music you personally listen to [as in your favourited artists over just generalised commercial listening] suit and reflect your true personality?
Definitely! I love Disco and love to dance. I also love Country because I have always wanted to learn to line dance. I also have a lot of music that I relate to or just love, Maroon 5 is on the top of the list.
What’s your average ‘online screen time’ equate to per day in hours?
Off and on all day so maybe 8 hours.
Are you currently happy with your Government’s management of your country?
[If you wish to simply answer yes or no you can, equally if you wish to elaborate in more depth you can do that too]
No, President Trump is an idiot who is literally losing his mind. Yes, I voted for him but I always thought he was a good businessman. Well, I was wrong or he has seriously changed over these 3.5 years. He sort of makes me throw up in my mouth when I see his picture or hear his voice.
How many actual ‘real people’ as opposed to virtual people do you actually give a damn about and what happens to them?
I have a small list and sometimes I will remember someone that I really do care about and miss, but haven’t talked to in a very long time. The amount of people I care about enough to talk to regularly, well they know who they are because otherwise you probably haven’t heard from me in a while. Unfortunately, I am a bit of a baby about the whole “why do I have to be the one to call every time?” thing. Sometimes I just want to know if certain people ever think of me. I hate to waste time on people who don’t really care to talk to me anyhow.
Quick!! No body’s watching!! What crazy thing would you do if nobody was watching which you can’t do normally because it embarasses you or is perhaps a little too naughty?
Wow, I can only think of one thing…How many options are there?
If you HAD to leave the country in a hurry and in a disguise – what have you done??
Won the lottery.
What are some of the most adventurous or craziest/strangest or weirdest things you would like to do before you die?
I want to scuba dive in one of the coral reefs of the world.
What is your opinion or do you have any thoughts on the whole virtual reality industry and the way it will soon become more of an acceptable way of life in the replacement of holidays, adventures and or the workplace?
I think it is a bit strange and we should all keep a few close friends because fake people aren’t going to have the same feelings. I think the workplace part is fine, I would love to work remotely and as far as holidays? If it means you don’t have to supply loads of candy for every holiday and buy expensive gifts, I’m all for it. Maybe just a quiet holiday dinner with those few close friends you kept.
What do people always get wrong about you when first starting to get to know you?
I think people don’t realize how smart I am. I think I present as the “average Joe” but in reality I’m quite bright.
What’s the strangest dream/nightmare you have ever had?
My recurring spider nightmares that I had to go to therapy for.
What’s the most trouble you have ever been in?
In 9th grade I got caught cheating on a chemistry test of the elements and I had to take the book test, which was ten times harder than the test I cheated on.
What’s the worst date you’ve been on and why?
The worst date was when I went to pick up a guy on the 4th of July, that I had met a few weeks earlier. I was bringing him to a party of all my college friends at one of their grandparents houses on the beach. I had to pick him up at his friends, not knowing it was a party. When I picked him up he was drunk, wearing tight shorts, a wife-beater type tank top, and those drugstore flip-flops that were cool in the 70’s. When we got to the party of my friends not only was he drunk and under-dressed, he sat there and said “Oooh” and “Aaaah” after every firework went off. I dropped him off after then never saw him again.

Season 2 – Game 2 Under New Management Directory Just 5 questions …..

If l said you had a beautiful body – would you ….Hold it Against Me?Just stare at me in horror?Beat me around the head with your hook?Sing me a love song?
Definitely sing you a love song. No harm in getting a compliment, even though I’d think you were just saying it to be nice.
Do you believe in Bigfoot or just Big Feet?
I’d like to say both, since I like stories of things like that, but on TV they have that Progressive Insurance commercial with Big Foot and he says his name is Daryl, or something like that, so it kind of ruins the whole Big Foot story. On the other hand, I know there are people with big feet.
What starts with “e” and ends with “e” but only has one letter in it?
Would you rather look like an squid, act like an octopus or live in a  crusty acean  ?
Squid are ugly, octopus are disgusting with all the suction cups, and I kind of have a fear of drowning…Can I be a land creature instead?
What if everything stopped – Where would we be and what happens if we weren’t there to begin with in the first place?
If everything stopped we would definitely be in the first place we were because you can’t get to the second place if you don’t start at the first place.
I lied about there just being 5 ….. What’s the best thing you have ever …Done? This is sort of contradictory to the squid octopus question, but one of the most fun things I have ever done is scuba dive.
Broken? My middle finger on my right hand playing basketball in my young teen years.
Worn? I used to have these jeans that had big back pockets and although it was so long ago, I remember thinking I looked really good in them.
Drunk!? Well, that’s a toss up. I love a good Jack ‘n Coke, but a cold Margarita with salt on the rim is scrumptious. In the winter I love Bailey’s on the rocks. As a kid all I drank was Strawberry Milk, which is still utterly delicious.

Thank you Rory, for the fun questions! https://aguycalledbloke.blog/2020/04/25/riddikky-15-ninths-and-31-shades-of-2/