topical tropical trinity questions

Topical Tropical Trinity questions are about your interests, your passions, your hobbies and activities and about living your life in general.

Each weekly game will have a fixed ‘subject’ and ask you two basic questions – and one three fold question.


Today’s Questions for Topical Tropical Trinity are based on ..

“Lockdown Limbo”

Q.1How long have you personally been in lockdown – when was the last times you were out and about and will you automatically return to your life post-lockdown?I was driving home from Florida, and got home on March 18th, which is officially the last day I was out and about freely. Things were already locked down, but not completely. I was still considered by others as over-reacting. I think now, this is my life. I don’t mind not running around all the time and I really don’t mind less obligations.
Q.2Are you happy with your progress so far and your ability to stay sane? [Alternative question – When did you pass Go on the Insane journey – how is that going for you?]I feel pretty good. Considering the trauma I have endured the last two years, I am surprised I am holding up so well. I thought it would be worse. I do get emotional when hearing about the people who have died, as it brings my grieving back to the forefront.
Q.3Have you started a new hobby?
When was the last time you talked to the toilet? [No to the toilet not in the toilet]
If you share the house with others – either animal or human – how is the extended home time coming along with loved ones?
I wouldn’t call it a new hobby, but I am definitely making my miniature kits faster than ever, and I started drawing. I picked up cross-stitching again, which I suppose is new, but I used to do it alot when I was younger.
I don’t talk to my toilet but I did tell myself that my toilet needed some attention.
Extended home time is great. I actually bought a new guinea pig on Thursday so that Beary would have a brother. So far, so good!

Thank you Rory, for the fun!

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