REVERE – Your Daily Word Prompt – #YDWordPrompt April 15, 2020

An ode to first responders: a Chanso Poem

When I think of all the revere  
I feel for the first responders  
I also think of family  
About whom do I now ponder. 
Heroes in life are really  
the same people who care the most 
I think of them ideally 
and would be proud to be their host. 

Tell all those folks who work hardest 
to hold up their heads very high 
Send them a present or gift card 
there’s something I’m sure they would buy. 

If you no longer have money 
to give to them right from the bank 
Show them the sky that is sunny 
and give them a most sincere thank. 

When all this horror surpasses 
and we are free from any pain 
no need for rose colored glasses 
They’ve helped us live free once again. 

Say “Hi” as you pass on the street  
Give a firm nod, bow at their feet. 

©2020 CBialczak Poetry

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