It is said we are all interconnected. Each person’s life touches others in very profound ways whether we are aware or not. We are alive. We breathe in and out. Within every inhalation we make are molecules of Hitler, Manson and Stalin. In the same breath are particles of Buddha, Mother Theresa and Jesus Christ. We are all one. It’s surreal that we speak of connection while we are practicing “social distancing” due to the coronavirus (COVID-19), but our solidarity will pull us through. Stay safe, stay strong and take care of yourselves. Write a poem of connection.

I miss you…

You look perfectly clean
I don’t understand
why COVID-19
picked your bod to land.

I hope you get better
I want to see you
I can’t stand the distance
more than a day or two.

I pray you are well
more sooner than late
This sickness that spreads
Is sickness I hate.

Please come back real soon
I need you a lot
I’ll wait for you here
right in this same spot. 

©2020 CBialczak

Written for Poetic Bloomings:

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