Learn to Relax

Written for MLMM Wordle #169 https://wordpress.com/read/feeds/13680591/posts/2601211837

If you need a winner 
Phronesis you shall need 
Blink just once 
Roll your eyes 
It’s different than greed. 

But if you want some silence 
Then shrink into your skin 
Bite your tongue 
Hold your hand 
Breath deep to begin.  

Think of only feathers 
light as cotton balls 
Find a source 
Hunker down 
Peace and quiet calls.  

parade of silence comes now 
to hoist you into peace 
Grab a pillow 
And a pad, 
A blanket made of fleece. 

If you think you need it 
Some smelly oil works 
to calm your mind 
cleanse your soul 
A few smells have some quirks. 

Does this idea baffle you? 
Make you wonder why 
various means 
different ways 
The best things you can try.  

So go ahead and try it 
there’s nothing you can lose 
close your eyes 
breathe real deep 
The worst you’ll do is snooze.  

©2020 CBialczak

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