dVerse: Dreams

Dreams of You

When I close my eyes 
all my dreams come true. 
I have never missed two people 
like I’m missing you. 

In my dreams you say hello 
and you say goodbye. 
Why you’re gone when I’m awake, 
I just don’t know why. 

You both are there together 
in dreams I’m with you two. 
Waking is the hardest 
When I’m missing you.  

©2020 CBialczak

19 thoughts on “dVerse: Dreams

  1. “Waking is the hardest” Yes. Sleep can provide a relief — perhaps even a dream of the loved one right there, lying beside you, walking talking with you….so real you see them in your sleep…only to wake and find that empty space in your world and in your psyche as well.

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  2. The start of this “When I close my eyes
    all my dreams come true” is so simply stated, and it makes the pain of what comes next even more palpable. The tragic lines, “Why you’re gone when I’m awake, I just don’t know why” are so touching.


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