What’s your Story: Tangled

All you need to do is write a piece of flash fiction of no more than 300 words on the topic of “The Sprawling Legend’, using the words you find in the word ‘Tangled’.

The Sprawling Legend of Mr. Perfect

Back in the day there were many ladies but only one fine gent in a land full of problems. This gent would spend his day on the lane looking for buggies that had a dent. He lent his profession to his passion for perfection. It is the deal he made with a man one day that made him glad, hence this tale.  

One day, that was a tad bit chilly, this gent took his teal toolbox and set out to find some work. The wind started to nag him, with its blustery chill, but he kept going. “There is no dang way this cold is stopping me now!” he said to himself.   

The streets he navigated lead him to stand in front of an angel. He looked up at the angel, which was at an angle that hurt his neck, to see if this was a living thing or just a spirit. Along came another man, known for being a Dane, and asked the gent for help fixing the dent in his tan carriage. The two worked hard to get the dent out and they were eventually successful. The Dane decided to stay in town with the gent as they became friends.  

©2020 C Bialczak 

One thought on “What’s your Story: Tangled

  1. Wonderfully done l was tempted to say wonderfully Dane, but refrained 🙂 A superb little tale indeed, many thanks for taking part 🙂


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