Tale Weaver – #252 – Making Sense of Nonsense – jodhoeing

I almost tried to look this up in the dictionary! Oops, not part of the challenge and not going to be in there I suppose! Here is my idea of what jodhoeing is…

He is always jodhoeing! No matter how often I tell him it hurts my feelings he keeps it up. When we were kids, our parents told us jodhoeing was a form of bullying. We didn’t think so then, we thought it was all in fun. But now, being older and having more to jodhoe about it starts to hurt. I thought that siblings were supposed to help each other out, keep their secrets, be friends for life. I guess I thought wrong. All I know is that now my secrets stay in my own head and my activities stay within my own circle of friends. This will give him less to jodhoe about and more to wonder about what he might be missing!

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