OpenLinkNight #256

Dear Santa 

Dear Santa, 

I thought of what I wanted and then I changed my mind. 

There are so many options toys of every kind. 

I thought I wanted play-doh or maybe a sweet doll. 

Then I thought I wanted gum but mom would take it all.  

I think that I’ve been good this year behaving to my best 

Even though my brother is an endless, awful pest.  

I think I’d like some books to read or instruments to play. 

How about some brand new clothes or shoes to do ballet. 

I promise I’ll be good for mom and help my dad a lot 

Would you bring a puppy, tell mom his name is Spot? 

I don’t know if you’ll get this in time to make my stuff 

But elfs are always busy I’m sure they’ll have enough. 

I don’t think that I’m picky or spoiled like my friend. 

I only want a few new things, what do you recommend?  

Thank you Mr. Santa, you really are the best.  

I don’t care what my friends tell me you are a welcome guest. 



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