Rag Tag Daily Prompt: Sleep

As I lay awake and wonder, what is my purpose?

I find myself looking in all different directions trying to find the right way to go. Where do I belong? I find a path that seems to lead toward the sun. That is the path! I desire sun, warmth, a fresh breeze, without the noise of the city or the static of the television. I

This path that I am on is so peaceful. The air is the perfect temperature, the sounds are only those of nature. Where will this place lead me? I keep walking and finally see, up ahead of me, a clearing. What will be there waiting for me? Will it be a bird, sitting on a branch, whistling a tune? Will it be a squirrel, scampering across the grass, unsure of his own direction.

As I get closer I feel so much peace.
Then I stop in my tracks. What is this?

What?! I didn’t want to wake up right now! I want to go back to sleep!
Who decides when a dream has come to an end?

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