The Sunday Whirl: Wordle 433

Girl on fire

There she is lecturing me, like my life is a story that she cannot stomach, and I listen, trying to choke down the last few bites of my pasta. She apparently always has to feel like filling the space with talk, even though I try to enjoy the people watching. My hunger had been satiated bites ago but I am unsure of what we will do when the meal is done. I really should draw the line with her and tell her I am not open to this type of lecturing. On what grounds does she have to judge me and tell me how to live? She acts like her life is free of all sin. I would love to fly out of here on the broom she makes me feel like I have, that or jump from this high-rise window! I am not mean, not a witch at all, just a girl on fire, wanting to move ahead in this world! 

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