The Sunday Whirl: 01/01/2023

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boat preserve speak resist oil fire drive fly shoot matter close right

Taking a break

It was just a matter of fact
A way to preserve my soul
Speaking with honest resolve
A way to close a hole

A hole like in a boat
With oil on its hull
Flying through the night
The cabin stocked up full

The cabin full of stuff
Mostly for the drive
Shooting across the glass
How the water seems alive

The water seeming hot
I get caught by a surprise
No fire and no match around
But it kept away the flies. 

The flies resist the temptation
To land upon our food
Sitting right in front of us
Which elevates my mood. 

My mood is calming down
the boat is slowing too
Now I feel like I’m renewed
It’s what I like to do.

©2023 CBialczak Poetry

The Sunday Whirl: Wordle #547

The Strong, Brave Cow

Like lines in the air
The cow jumped over the moon
With hooves like fingertips
Never landing too soon
He jumped through the void
Making patterns in air
Unconsciously knowing
A landing place with be there
A remote piece of space
A star up in the sky
Tracing the pattern
Of this cow, watch him fly
Then down to his spot
He safely will drop
‘Cause no one cooks up a place
Where that strong cow can’t stop.

©2022 CBialczak Poetry

Sunday Whirl: Wordle 545

Brenda hosts the Sunday Whirl:

Unimaginable Ukraine

Amidst the rubble after the war
The explosions are felt ‘round the world
The power of one is evil by far
While his wicked ways become unfurled

Homes are now scarce as spirits decline
The free world is far from the norm
The people will sit while bombs sing and whine
Like the deadliest part of the storm

An unrelenting battle goes on
As tears rise all ‘round the globe
The lilt and swagger now is far gone
While the search for the dead is the probe

©2022 CBialczak Poetry

Wordle 542

by bwarren

The Turtle

Amidst the rain and fog
A turtle spins his shell
Hoping for sunny warmth
His neck down to his tail
Like a vinyl record
He spins around and round
On the threshold of the mud
Fiddling with the ground
With no idea what else to do
without making too much noise
Making his own hidden design
He’s proud, happy, and poised.

©2022 CBialczak Poetry

The Sunday Whirl

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sunset finish limit string spill heartbeat trails fairy lacy tick stone gate

Come Back

Sitting here I watch the sunset, my glass reflects the glow
The wine is almost finished and I’ve got nowhere to go

My heartbeat’s running rapid as I think about our night
No limit to the love I felt, the timing felt so right

Strings of sun spill upon the sea in trails not hard to see
I wish there was a fairy that could bring you back to me

As tears well up my view begins a fine lacy effect
Time is ticking quickly until the dark of night is set

A stone throws way across the sea will bring you back to me
And at my gate you’ll find my love and know just where to be.

©2022 CBialczak Poetry

The Sunday Whirl: Wordle 537

Always hosted by bwarren:

True Love

Consider it a triumph

the day you can reveal

the moment that you know it

the way that you can feel

a quiver in your belly 

a sigh out of your mouth

a cracking in your cool facade

a sunset in the south

You know his love’s expansive

and have no filter to deny

that you have reached a limit

where you can’t say goodbye

the tears are always shimmering

like stars up in the sky

your love can never be undone

He’s the apple of your eye. 

©2022 CBialczak Poetry

The Sunday Whirl: Wordle 433

Girl on fire

There she is lecturing me, like my life is a story that she cannot stomach, and I listen, trying to choke down the last few bites of my pasta. She apparently always has to feel like filling the space with talk, even though I try to enjoy the people watching. My hunger had been satiated bites ago but I am unsure of what we will do when the meal is done. I really should draw the line with her and tell her I am not open to this type of lecturing. On what grounds does she have to judge me and tell me how to live? She acts like her life is free of all sin. I would love to fly out of here on the broom she makes me feel like I have, that or jump from this high-rise window! I am not mean, not a witch at all, just a girl on fire, wanting to move ahead in this world! 

Sunday Whirl: Wordle #432

Sitting in a coffee shop 

As I sit here in disguise, like a villain being hunted by the hero, I resign myself and decide to stay, tucked in the corner of this coffee shop, hoping to avoid any conversation. And I write, chain smoke, and decide how to rally against the negativity which will envelope me when I go home. I know it will happen. I left in the middle of an argument. I don’t feel any shame though as I know positivity will reign. That is what divides us, the outlook, and how shade on a cold day is the same as shade on a sunny day, both beautiful yet so different. If it weren’t for the words, the way I shoot my mouth off, when I feel I am in the right, there wouldn’t be this separation, this hiding, this avoidance. My wish is that the anger will dissipate and all arguments can turn into conversation.