Animals and I: a ballad (poem)

When we go to see all the beasts 
we know that it is great. 
Being right near the local zoo 
you’re sure to take the bait. 

Animals in many sizes 
in colors, shades, and hues. 
But did you know they will listen 
when people sing the blues? 

How do I know about this fact 
about the cutest beasts? 
Because I spend most all my time, 
my zoo card is well greased. 

I will stay for hours at a time 
and never want to leave. 
I talk to them and they know what 
I’m saying, I believe. 

I have a special bond with them 
for this I know is true 
because animals look my way, 
when leaving makes them blue. 

So I will try and come each day 
to treat them to my mind. 
The peace and pure tranquility 
help me too, I do find.

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What is a ballad? A ballad is a form of narrative verse that follows the ABCB pattern quatrain, but has many different “rules” or “options” based on the site or person explaining it to you. In addition, it typically has a consistent meter through each quatrain.

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