Truthful Tuesday

Are you a keen DIY-er or do you prefer to get the professionals in?

For 25 years I lived with and was married to a builder/roofer/foreman/construction superintendent. When I lost him to sickness in 2018 I was completely at a loss when I needed things repaired. I guess I took a lot of it for granted. Growing up my dad did most of the stuff around the house too. Anyhow, after having one crappy contractor rip me off after another I am now a complete DIY-er unless it comes to plumbing and most electrical. Just yesterday I was leveling the drawers on one of the kitchen cabinets that I guess I never noticed was so crooked. The guy did such a horrible job it isn’t even fixable in most of the areas. Do you know how much I paid for those cabinets that are now all f-ed up?!?!?! Anyhow, I told David if I ever redo a kitchen I am doing the installation of all the lower cabinets, the uppers are too heavy.

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5 thoughts on “Truthful Tuesday

  1. Good for you! Hubby is a good all rounder but won’t touch gas. I’m a good gopher, and do a pretty good impression of a vice if he’s sawing wood. I’ve put furniture unit together on my own and also had a go a decorating. I’m not that good with wallpaper, but get by with a paintbrush.
    The workmen we have come in to do jobs for us have been OK, and we were lucky to avoid the odd jobbers who would charge you a day’s labour for a couple of hours as they fit you in between jobs. If we hired anyone, it was on the understanding that we were the only job on the go, insisted on a quote not estimate, and also a definite time frame.
    Before I met Hubby, I had a kitchen and bathroom installed at the same time by the same company. They left the kitchen gutted with a free standing tap and the bathroom a mess. I contacted the firm that day and complained. I had two different crews the next day, and cannot fault the single guy who did my kitchen. The bathroom needed a radiator installed but it would never work due to the daisy chain system we had and they’d put in twin pipe. Luckily I knew someone down the road who changed all the central heating pipework to comply while we were on holiday for a week.

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