Simply 6 Minutes: 8th February

Di’s response to this broken woman. Thanks for participating!


Christine is our host for the Simply 6 Minutes photo challenge. Another good choice this week. You can join in here


They say that I am Two Faced,
I wish if only they knew
The story behind the facade
Distinguish the false from the true.
My eyes see more than before me
Around corners, even behind my back,
My hearing echoes in chambers,
And my head feels out of whack………..
I am constantly hearing voices,
But no-one is there to speak,
Am I going crazy?
Or am I desperately weak?
They say the scars will fade
Until then I hide my shame
Of being two faced and ugly,
My world cannot be the same.
My life is not as you’d think it,
There is no dark and light,
When they put me back together
Something just wasn’t quite right.

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