From my desk: 05/02/2023

I have not been very present on WordPress and it is starting to weigh on me. I miss writing and reading. I cannot wait to get back but I have to get some rest. I appreciate all the stop-bys and I am trying to catch up on a few posts.

Hopefully tomorrow I am moving my father in to a new assisted living facility. Although he is in need of memory care he is going to be in the “general” population because it is a small facility and he is still very social. Keep your fingers crossed! The only problem I know of is that the shower in his bathroom is the tub kind and I have no idea how they will manage that. We shall see.

Thanks for all the well-wishes. I am still accepting positive vibes so continue to send them!

6 thoughts on “From my desk: 05/02/2023

  1. One nice thing about the complex I live in here is that there are no tubs.  I cannot get in it out of one either so it’s good for me.  In my other apartment they had to install a bench that I could sit on in one end if the tub so I could shower.  You might ask for this option or put one in yourself.  It should be in some rule somewhere😳Good luck to you both!❤️

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