Fibbing Friday

Di is the host:

1.  What would you do if you found yourself seated next to a disgraced member of the  family? Build a large napkin barricade with my utensils and ask for extra straws to extend the barricade high enough in the air so that I couldn’t see their face.
2.  How would you react if you were subjected to ‘Hatgate’? That is someone with a monstrous hat being seated in front of you. Laugh right in their face and ask them if they really wanted to share their hat with me
3.  Photographs are not allowed, but you have a plan to take pictures………. what is it? I am going to wear what looks like an audio device for my “hearing impairment” but it will really be a small camera.
4.  The person on your left has fallen asleep. How would you wake them discreetly ? Pull out a few strands of my hair and tickle them under their nose until they woke up either to scratch or sneeze
5.  The grand entrance occurs and something is not quite right from your point of view. What is it? The leader of ceremonies has toilet paper stuck to the bottom of their shoe
6.  After the service, it’s time for the buffet. Not quite sure where you’ re supposed to go, what do you do? Slip in right where we take a plate, acting like I am talking to someone and not realizing that there may be a starting point
7.  Making small talk over the canapés is awkward. What do you do to make it less so? Invite the others around me to play “I Spy”
8.  Time for the Speeches and they seem to go on for hours. What do you do to keep awake? Nothing, everyone else is bored out of their minds too, no one notices that I close my eyes for a bit
9.  You are suddenly asked to say a few words at the podium. How do you react? I smile and thank everyone for coming today and hope they enjoy the event I put together.
10.  It has been a tiring experience and you catch 40 winks in a quiet corner. When you wake up, the venue is in darkness. What do you do? Close my eyes and sleep for a little longer while I have the place to myself.

5 thoughts on “Fibbing Friday

    1. When my best friend and I were probably 19 or so we used to go to this bar/restaurant. We were both under age but she was dating the bouncer so we always got in. The bartender had a crush on me, which was good for us at the time. There was a band that played there called The Acoustic Reptiles and we started following them around the city. They had us down as special guests so we always got in without ID. Anyhow, one night we were at the bar and drinking heavily. I had gone to the bathroom. When I came out the band stopped playing so the lead singer could point out that I had a trail of toilet paper stuck to my shoe! I almost died of embarrassment!

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